• Image of SL2 - DJs Take Control [YUM050]

A1 - Shadow Child remix
A2 - Original (2018 remaster)
B1 - Slipmatt & Sooney 2018 remix
B2 - DJ Boring remix

We celebrate our 50th release by bringing you 3 new remixes of SL2’s classic, ‘DJs Take Control’. Aside from a Remastered original (exclusively cut to vinyl), we bring you 3 new takes on one of the most infectious Breakbeat-Rave tracks from 1991. DJ Boring takes you to another world with his stunning left-of-centre breakbeat excursion while Shadow Child provides a hypnotic-dreamy 4 to the floor workout. Slipmatt & Sooney’s 2018 update pushes all the peak-time House buttons, finishing off a remix package we’re proud to be involved in.